Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2

Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2

A complete suite of tools to fully and properly uninstall programs

Uninstaller Platinum 2 will speed up your Windows® performance by effectively removing all those registry entries, files, and drivers left behind by faulty uninstallations. Some Uninstall entries delete only the main components of the program, leaving in your computer empty folders and unused files that end up clogging up your operating system. Includes two modes, Easy and Expert, with a new suite of powerful tools.

Ashampoo Uninstaller Platinum 2 not only allows you to properly eliminate programs from your hard drives, but will also let you install software properly. You will also be able to reinstall previously removed applications.

Together with these main functions, the program includes a number of useful tools to improve the processing speed of your operating system. It will find and delete all the unnecessary temp files, the leftover empty folders that you no longer need, and all the unncessary duplicate files, comparing them by name, size and even content to make sure you are not deleting the wrong one.

You can also monitor and learn more about the Windows® services in your computer, telling you if they are active or not, how the system starts them, and giving you the option to start, stop or deactivate them. You can also deactivate or delete Internet Explorer add-ons installed in your hard drive, or check for links that are no longer used in your start menu or your quickstart list and get rid of them.

If you are an advanced user, Unistaller Platinum 2 offers you an Expert Mode with additional tools. There you can monitor and log what changes have occurred in your Windows® operating system between two given points in time, where to find the hidden settings of a certain program and the files and settings that applications change when they are active.

Unistaller Platinum 2 is an invaluable tool to help you keep your computer clean of unwanted traces of old programs. Includes online context-sensitive help to give you all the answers you need right away.

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  • Easy and Expert modes, for the novice and the professional
  • Extra tools for improving Windows performance


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